Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Haikus and happiness on a rainy day

Despite the rain, the Cherry Blossoms and Chinoiserie picnic was a rousing success.
We had lovely teas and treat in Picnic, the aptly named cafe in the botanical gardens, and amused ourselves with haikus about subjects sacred, profane, and just plain silly. Then we admired the orchids and flowers in the hothouse, and practiced the gallop.

A sampling of the lovely spring flowers, and the lovely (for a relative degree of loveliness) haikus. I think Molly said it best:

Sometimes it is really strange
Like exploding flies

We wrote poetic descriptions of the day...

Mist filled harbour
Wellington on a rainy day
Neither sun nor wind


Rain on Saturday
Taking all our fun inside
Avoiding the drips


Rain prevents picnic
Poem fun ensues indoors
Life’s little blessings


Café by the dell
Poems and stories abound
Springtime fun indoors


It’s of no import
What gets written among friends
Laughing in the rain.

Cooling spring shower
Caresses and refreshes
Newly bloomed flowers

Rain makes the weeds grow
Faster in my garden patch
But not the roses

Rainy day umbrellas
Toadstools shielding garden gnomes
Wellington springtime


Little green teapot
Sitting on the silver tray
Holding liquid warmth

Phil drops burger bun
Aioli sauce upside down
Nice grab rescues pants


Dad with babe in arms
Sleepy yawn and nodding head
Looking, seeing dad.

Catja's nappies smell
They smell like old cream-cheese
There are so many

Yawning baby girl
Brings a smile to my face
On a cloudy day


Cheese, what a wonder
It tastes green, but it’s yellow
It smells good on toast

Famous Feijoa’s
Frolicking and fishing
Highly flammable


Avocados dream
Of dip and guacamole
But then, maybe not

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